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What is a Level 2 Vehicle Charger?

Electrical car charger

Electric cars are rapidly becoming more and more popular not only in San Mateo and California but across the country. It’s most likely true that at some point in the near future, vehicles powered by electricity will be the standard of the automotive industry, so it’s important that we have the infrastructure to properly charge these vehicles when the time comes. Electric cars save energy and are great for the environment, so they can offer a number of great benefits. If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, or you’re already a driver, it’s important that you make sure that your home is ready for the change.

At Owens Electric & Solar, our experts can help you find the best charger for your home and your electric vehicle. We have extensive training and experience with electric vehicle charger installations at residential properties, and we’ll be able to guarantee the best installation possible.

Generally, Level 2 chargers are recommended for residential properties. To help you understand why here’s some basic information about Level 2 chargers:

Level 1 vs Level 2 Chargers

There are basically two levels of electric car outlets that are available for residences. Level 3 chargers are mostly reserved for commercial and industrial uses.

  • Level 1 car chargers use your current household outlets, and your vehicle may come with a Level 1 charging cord that can be plugged directly into your home’s outlets. Level 1 chargers are limited to about 120 volts, so it can take up to 22 hours to fully charge your car. Level 1 chargers are probably not feasible unless you’re using a plug-in hybrid.

  • Level 2 chargers are, on the other hand, the most highly recommended electric vehicle chargers for homes. They can provide 240 volts of electricity to your car, which significantly reduces charging times. They’ll allow you fully charge your vehicle in as few as three to four hours.

Level 2 chargers typically requiring some adjustments to your electrical wiring, but our San Mateo electricians will be able to handle every part of the job.

Benefits of Level 2 Chargers

The main benefit of Level 2 chargers is that they allow you to charge your electric car much more quickly. This gives you flexibility when it comes to using your electric vehicle since you’ll be able to fully charge your vehicle overnight or give it a significant charge over dinner or while you finish laundry.

You’ll also be able to save money on your electrical consumption by charging your vehicle at strategic times when electrical demand is lower. You can take advantage of lower electrical rates during the night, which helps to maximizing savings on an already energy efficient vehicle.

If you’re looking for electric car chargers in San Mateo, call Owens Electric & Solar at 650-348-5727, or complete our online request form.