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San Mateo Surge Protection Experts

Electrical warning

Power surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage can travel throughout your home electrical system. Some power surges can come from within your own California home, such as turning on a dryer or sending a document to your printer. Other surges come from outside your home, as in electric utility switching, downed power poles, cut power lines, and lightning strikes.

A power surge with enough voltage behind it can quickly cost you thousands of dollars in damages. The average San Mateo household has $8,000 of electrical items, but all it takes is a split second for a power surge to destroy them and leave you with the high cost and headache of replacing them. This is why you should have San Mateo surge protection for your home. Our experts can implement it quickly so that you don't have to worry about damaging power surges.

Our San Mateo Surge Protection Services

  • Surge Protection
  • Commercial Surge Protection
  • Residential Surge Protection
  • Industrial Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protector
  • Service Panel

  • Fuse Panel
  • Panel Breaker
  • Surge Arrester
  • Power Surge
  • Electrical Surge
  • Install Surge Protection

We Provide Surge Protection to the Following Areas

San Mateo County - Atherton, CA | Belmont, CA | Brisbane, CA | Burlingame, CA | Colma, CA | Daly City, CA | East Palo Alto, CA | Foster City, CA | Half Moon Bay, CA | Hillsborough, CA | Menlo Park, CA | Millbrae, CA | Pacifica, CA | Portola Valley, CA | Redwood City, CA | San Bruno, CA | San Carlos, CA | San Mateo, CA | South San Francisco, CA | Woodside, CA

Why San Mateo Should Hire Us For Surge Protection

From electrical installation to surge protection services, we have the experience and professional knowledge to handle any size repair or installation project.

Our San Mateo electricians are highly skilled at what they do, and bring excitement & ambition to our company. This, along with our up front policy on our pricing, is what makes us the one of the best electrical services in California.

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