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Home Electrical Energy Management With Curb

San Mateo Energy Management With Curb

curb energy management

There’s no better way to monitor and manage the energy usage in your San Mateo home than with a Curb energy management system from Owens Electric Solar. This system allows you to visually see what appliances, devices, and fixtures in your home are wasting energy.

Homeowners report saving a third or more on their energy bills with a Curb device installation because they’re finally able to accurately identify and eliminate wasted energy.

Once our electricians install the Curb system, it will identify problems such as a broken water heater or HVAC Freon leak, lights overloading a wiring circuit, or an old dryers that’s hogging electricity.

If you’ve wanted to take more control over your home’s energy usage, a Curb installation from our electricians at Owens Electric Solar will deliver the information you need to make it happen!

How Curb Energy Management Works

A Curb system is installed directly into your home’s electrical nervous system, the electrical panel, that routes electricity to the lights, appliances, and devices. It constantly monitors the usage on every circuit and sends the information to the software wirelessly.

Larger homes may have more than one electrical panel, so the Curb system is made to centralize the data like a hub.

The Curb energy management system can also connect to other smart home devices so you can turn things off and on whether you’re home or not. All you have to do is use the Curb app on your smartphone to turn off lights, raise or lower motorized shades, or turn off the sprinkler system.

Real-Time Data For Accurate Energy Management

Once our electrician installs your Curb device in your Hillsborough area home, you’ll get real-time notifications on the mobile app. This helps to alert you when someone leaves the lights on, an appliance may be broken, or you’re running over your energy budget.

If you’re ready to consider a Curb energy management system, let our skilled electrician offer you a quote. Once it’s installed, we’ll also be here to help you with any future electrical repairs involved.

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