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Is Your Parking Lot Lighting Keeping Customers Away?

San Mateo Parking Lot Lighting

Most business owners ignore the quality of their parking lot lighting and neglect to keep in mind that if it's not well lit, drivers and pedestrians won't easily navigate the area. When parking lot lighting is dim, people feel insecure and unsafe—not to mention a poorly lit parking lot could foster accidents and an increase in criminal activity.

If your business is in a commercial building, you should know that your customer experience starts in the parking lot. Parking lot lights are an important factor for a business at night. If the parking lot outside your commercial building isn't bright enough, customers will be hesitant to park or shop at your establishment.

Well-lit parking lots can enhance safety and aesthetics by attracting potential customers to your business. Your parking lot area is the first impression your customers will have and it's just as important as the interior. Here are three reasons how good lighting can increase your professional appearance:

Accident Prevention

According to the National Security Council, many accidents occur in parking lots each year. Walking in any area with limited lighting can cause people to get seriously injured. Anyone driving in the parking lot also may not see clearly, potentially colliding with other objects, vehicles or even pedestrians.

If you manage a commercial property or run a business in a commercial building, it's up to you to keep the space in good condition—which also means establishing parking lot lighting. Companies can be sued if a person is injured or harmed due to inadequate lighting.

Crime Rate Reduction

Criminals are less likely to carry out their plans if the building has good outside lighting. If your customers, visitors and employees can't see who is coming or going in the parking lot, they could easily be attacked or robbed. Vehicles can also be broken into or stolen, and security cameras may not be able to be able to pinpoint malicious activities due to a lack of light required to record clear video.

High quality parking lights can make the area safer for your customers, employees and business partners, and can reduce your legal risk. It's also a great way to show your customers that you value their patronage and safety.

Your Business Will Be Well Regarded

Installing high quality lighting for your parking area is a great way to promote your business. Like the interior, the outside of your property reflects your company and its values. With good lighting, anyone who visits your company will see it as a warm and welcoming place.

If your parking lot is dimly lit, your customers will lose confidence in your business and fewer people will visit your premises at night—which can negatively impact your sales. Just one incident of violence, theft, or personal injury can cause you to lose the trust of your customers and employees.

If you need better quality lighting in your parking lot, now is the time to contact the professionals at Owens Electric & Solar. We offer free estimates and can create a customized plan that will make your parking lot safe and welcoming.

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