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Electric Panel 101 & Why You Need Upgrades

Panel upgrades

One of the most important features of your electrical system is the panel. This nondescript metal box is the area that controls all the electricity within you home. Your electrical panel is the very reason that you can turn on lights, use kitchen appliances, and watch television. If there is ever a problem with your electrical panel, you and your San Mateo family will probably suffer major inconveniences.

If and when you need to conduct work on your electrical panel, it is vitally important that you hire a professionally licensed electrician to help. It is not worth the risk. The most highly skilled and experienced San Mateo electricians are at Owens Electric & Solar. Our technicians have conducted countless electrical panel upgrades for both local families and businesses. Our experts have provided this short basic guide to San Mateo electrical panels so that property owners might have a better understanding of this critical system component. Here is some brief information on the major components within your electrical panel and why you need an upgrade.

Electrical Panels Have Double Pole Service Disconnect Components

At the top of your circuit breaker box, you will notice a large switch that is bigger than all the rest. This switch is usually referred to as the “main,” but its technical name is the “double pole service disconnect.” This is where your electrical system hooks up with that of the utility company. Turning off this switch will cut off electricity throughout your home.

Hot Bus Bars and Neutral Bus Components in Electrical Panels

The next major components within your electrical panel that you should be aware of are the bus bars. These metal bars are referred to as either the hot bus bars or neutral bus bars depending on the function they serve.

Essentially, hot bus bars are the next connection between the utility system and your residential electrical system. The neutral bus bars, on the other hand, are there to receive the energy back again after it has traveled throughout your Austin home.

Electrical Panel Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker is the component of electrical panels that everyone is probably already aware of. These components straddle the hot bus bars and are in place to prevent safety problems that result from an overload of electricity. If too many appliances on one circuit are on at one time, the circuit will trip. The circuit breakers are the launching point for electricity throughout your Austin home. Grounding Wire in your Electrical Panel

The last major component of your electrical panel is the grounding wire. The grounding wire can seem lost in the maze of wires that are within your electrical panel. This is typically a bare copper wire that connects the neutral bus to a metal water pipe or a rod buried underground. The grounding wire prevents currents from traveling through frayed wires to metal surfaces that are not supposed to be connected to your electrical system.

When & Why To Hire A San Mateo Electrician For Panel Upgrades

The demand for power in our homes and businesses is forever increasing as new technologies, appliances, and electronics are developed. When a home or commercial building is built, the electrical panel serves the current power demands.

Over the years, the demand increases and the electrical system is put under a load stress. This causes sparks, surges, fires, and shock. In case you haven’t had it happen to you, a surge can take out all your expensive electronics and appliances as well as the entire electrical circuit everything is plugged into.

It is recommended that house electric panels are upgraded every 10 years and commercial panels every 5. You should have an electrical safety inspection done if you aren’t sure about yours.

For more information on Panel Upgrades or for a San Mateo Electrician, please call Owens Electric & Solar at 650-348-5727, or complete our online request form We are open 24 hours for emergency service.