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Commercial electrical work in San Mateo differs greatly from residential work for a number of reasons. The first major reason is that the building will be much larger and more complex than a home. The next reason is because a lot more power is needed in order to power the building itself. Another reason is because there are different codes that electrical work must follow when you are dealing with a commercial property compared to dealing with a residential one. Here are some examples of commercial electrical services that might be offered:

A major service offered is to completely wire a building. This will include the main power line, all the small wires throughout the building, and anything else that is powered inside the building. This takes a large degree of planning from the electrician, and it will take a lot of care during the work because each phase of the construction of a building is inspected by a city official before the project can continue.

An aspect of wiring a building, such as an office, includes wiring all of the internet lines. Running CAT 5 lines is completely doable by your San Mateo commercial electrician. This saves you the hassle of hiring a low voltage company and allows for you to worry about one less contractor on the jobsite. The process will be completely turn-key and will include jacks for each outlet.

Moving on to the outside of a commercial building, you will need a lot of lighting. There is required lighting for parking lots, landscaping, and for security purposes. You don’t want to keep your commercial property pitch black at night. This also will help anyone who uses the building during night. Your commercial electrical company can offer you the service of completely setting up any type of exterior lighting you can imagine.

With many commercial buildings, the main power line is run underground. This takes a lot of precision digging in order to safely tunnel the line under the ground. This service may be provided by your commercial electricians and the job will be done as cleanly as possible to avoid disturbing any type of landscaping plans.

Electrical work is nothing you should try doing yourself. It can be dangerous, and it is a very sensitive type of work where one little mistake can cause numerous things to not work right. If you want your commercial electrical work done correctly you should call a trusted electrical contractor to do the job.

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