Electricity Regulations in San Mateo

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All domestic and industrial wiring  in San Mateo must now conform to the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671 this being the national standard regulations. The 17th edition IEE Wiring Regulations publication contains many major changes from previous editions in order to align with European Codes of Practice, one being the colour coding of cables.

The Electricity Regulations are produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology [IET]. The Institution of Electrical Engineering [IEE] produces all books related to the Wiring Regulations.

Increased legislation is being enforced in an attempt to prevent accidents from faulty installations and incompetent repairs. In England or Wales, you are now required to use an electrician competent to current standards, to carry out most electrical work. You are not only risking your life but also your insurance and /or penalties.

Almost all San Mateo electrical wiring is hidden, but here are a few things which you may easily check yourself, For instance:

* How old is your Wiring; is your wiring more than 15 years old?

* When did you last have your wiring checked; has it been longer than ten years?

* Have you had electrical work carried out by none electrically competent persons and not had it tested?

* Have you any Hot spots around the house; do your plugs or sockets get hot?

* Do you still have an old fuse board and do fuses blow regularly and you do not understand why?

* Are you using extension leads, or have to use adaptors routinely to run your appliances?

* Are you using old worn out or twisted flex for lighting etc?

* Do your socket outlets conform to new designs; do you still have round pin sockets?

* Do you have external sockets, garage or shed supplies or other outdoor electrical equipment?

Stay Safe & Secure

Have your old fuse board replaced with the latest consumer units, which are safer and easier to use, they include, mini circuit breakers to protect every circuit in the house and which respond quickly to prevent the risk of danger. They can be fitted in the most convenient position for you and have the added protection of RCDs [residual current devices].

If you secure your home with outdoor security lighting and the latest intruder alarms to deter criminal activity, remember outdoor electricity is just as important as indoor and can be equally as hazardous. Avoid trailing wires through windows and open doors, and have specially designed outdoor weatherproof switches and sockets fitted outside your home and in your garden. Electrical tools such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers require RCD protection for your safety.

Since January 2005, the new Part P Building Regulations were introduced in England and Wales to reduce the number of accidents and fires caused by faulty electrical installations. Part P is intended to increase the safety of households by improving the design, installation; inspection and testing of electrical installations whether newly built alterations or extensions.

The risks posed by unsafe electrical installations are electric shock, burns and other injuries arising from fires caused by electrical equipment overheating or arcing. Installations that are properly designed, fitted, tested and commissioned in accordance with British Standard BS 7671 (a requirement of Part P) will help minimize these risks. People carrying out electrical work in homes and gardens in England and Wales have to follow the new rules in the Building Regulations. Not doing so could affect yours and your family’s safety.

Best advice has to be, if you need electrical work done get a professional electrician to give you advice or get them to do the job for you. This will give you not only peace of mind but on completion they will test your installation and supply you with a completion certificate, which you will need for insurance purposes. Remember that poor installations do not just threaten your life, your family and friends are at risk also; the message is simple: DON’T Do-it-Yourself!

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