Trusting Homes to San Mateo Electricians

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A lot of fires are caused by short-circuits and electrical problems. So for home improvement projects, always look for an electrician in San Mateo to ensure the safety of homes and of people living on it. One responsibility of electricians is to prepare the electrical installation layout plan of a house especially if it is […]

Why Install Surge Protection in San Mateo ?

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Surge protection in San Mateo is something every home should have especially if the homeowner wants to preserve the quality of their appliances. The fact is that the electricity passing through a home is not always constant. It can go up and down due to power outages, downed lines or a strong power usage from […]

Using Solar Panels For The San Mateo Home

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Using San Mateo solar power at home has come to be more popular than ever. If you ‘re inspired by economic, environmental or political matters, here are six ways you can use solar power and reduce your fossil fuel dependence. 1. Use indoor and outdoor solar lights. To light your home at night, use special […]

The Flexibility And Power Of Modern Solar Panels in San Mateo

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When people think of San Mateo solar panels, the vision that usually pops into their mind is the large roof style solar panels that typically stretch across the entire expanse of a home roof. And while these types of solar panels are still very much in use today, although improved greatly, many panels have been […]

San Mateo Electricians – Commercial Services

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Commercial electrical work in San Mateo differs greatly from residential work for a number of reasons. The first major reason is that the building will be much larger and more complex than a home. The next reason is because a lot more power is needed in order to power the building itself. Another reason is […]

San Mateo Commercial Electricians

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Commercial electricians in San Mateo specialize in working on industrial buildings, factories, and any other type of commercial property you can imagine. This type of electrical work greatly differs from residential work because of the amount of power that is involved, and because of the code and regulations that must be followed. There are a […]

Industrial Strength Wiring in San Mateo

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Cords and cables are specifically designed to connect one part of the equipment with another or facilitating interconnection of various types of equipments. It is also used for proper adjustment of signals and removes the pressure even in very dry or moist conditions. Irrespective of the type of the organization and business they are used, […]

Electricity Regulations in San Mateo

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All domestic and industrial wiring  in San Mateo must now conform to the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671 this being the national standard regulations. The 17th edition IEE Wiring Regulations publication contains many major changes from previous editions in order to align with European Codes of Practice, one being the colour coding of cables. The […]

Parking Lot Lights – Pole Lights in San Mateo

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Businesses are responsible for providing some level of safety and security for their clients as well as their employees as they enter and exit the facility. This extends to these people as they walk to and from their cars. Parking lot lighting is a business necessity in these cases The company’s customers are not the […]

Importance of Outdoor Lighting in San Mateo

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When thinking of a home improvement project, outdoor lighting in San Mateo is quite possibly one of the top things every home owner should consider. Although many believe that this type of home improvement is done purely for aesthetic reasons, this is not exactly the case. The fact is that outside lighting can benefit the […]

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